Social Media Explodes as the Celtics Implode in the Nation’s Capital.

The Celtics took on the Wiz in Washington for the first road game of the series tonight. With the Celtics up two games, the Wizards came out strong, setting the world of social media on fire!

After trouncing the Bulls in Chicago, the Celtics came into the game with inflated playoff road numbers. Meanwhile,  the Wizards have been one of the most well-balanced and dangerous home teams in the league all season, with six players averaging double digits when playing in Washington.

Even with Boston in control thus far, ESPN’s stats and info department gave the edge to the Wizards.

Let’s be honest, it has been a rough day for Boston sports fans. The Red Sox gave up 5 runs in the 4th inning in a game against the Orioles that has gotten out of hand. Meanwhile, the Celtics trailed an incredulous 39-17 after one in the nation’s capital.

By the second quarter, the Celtics were literally getting their butts kicked. Kelly Oubre Jr. got ejected for this one…

In game one, the Celtics were able to bounce back after a horrible first quarter. That was not the case tonight.


While Boston fans suffered, Wizards nation was laughing all the way to the bank.


John Wall will haunt the dreams of the greater Boston area tonight….

If the Celtics hope to make Game 4 a contest it is imperative that they find a way to cool the Wizards historically hot starts.

The Celtics have been unable to find an answer early for the Wizards all season.

When the final buzzer sounded, the score was 116-89. They did not win a single quarter. Yikes…

So what must the Green Monsters do to return the fear into the hearts of the Wizards?
Controlling the basketball would be a good start. The stat sheet tells the story. The Wizards got off to a huge start and then they were able to control the game by controlling the glass while the Celtics gave away opportunities by turning over the basketball.


Stevens and the Celtics will have a lot of mistakes to learn from in the film room before Sunday’s Game 4. But if the Celtics taught us anything in the first round, it is that they are capable of bouncing back in a big way.


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